Colorful Darkness
Cyberpunk 2D adventure game. Realistic hacking gameplay.


A demo will be available soon for download.


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Log into devices or servers and alter the normal behaviour of in-game systems. The game features several imaginary operating systems and their related commands, and hackable devices are networked.


The game's non-linear, dilemma-based story has multiple endings. Depending on your choices characters can turn into friends or enemies. You may even change the world's destiny. That is, if you care.


Investigate in a complex world full of characters having different, opposite agendas. Find out what happened to our planet after major catastrophies. Reveal the dark truths behind the corporations' lies.

Colorful Darkness is a point-and-click, mystery-solving adventure game taking place in a futuristic world, where device and computer hacking plays a major role. We want the hacking gameplay to feel real and the learning curve to be rewarding: no "hacking complete" progress bar here, just sweat, logic, and out of the box thinking.

Story protagonists

The main characters encountered in the early demo.

Seiko Shiro

The main hero. A hacker working with the police (most of the time).

Jack Fearon

A police inspector with values in a world that has none.

Helena Sik

A police detective with many skills and matching personal ambitions.


A club owner who knows about everyone. Sometimes too much.



Development lead, Story writing


Game scripting, Social media lead


Art direction, Environment design

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